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Whipped Ricotta Spek Dumplings

Ingredients for 4 people:

-1lb Whipped Ricotta 

-8 Slices Speck

-1oz Raspberries

-1oz Blackberries

-Evo oil

-Salt & Pepper

-Micro Arugula



In a large bowl, mix together honey and Whipped Ricotta and store in the fridge for few minutes.


Take another large bowl and combine micro arugula, mixed berries, honey, salt and pepper. Whisk until well combined.


On a cutting board place 2 slices of Speck crossed.


Take the large bowl from the fridge and scoop one spoon of mixture for each slice of Speck.

From each slice, make a small dumpling.


Place all ingredients on a serving dish, and drizzle with honey.

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