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Growing up in Sardinia, Italy, cheese and ricotta were always part of our Mediterranean diet. Sitting at the table was always a moment of sharing the flavors of our culture and traditions.


When we moved to America, our mission was simple: to share our culture of joyful, healthy eating through the flavors of our land.

As we believed in non-stop innovation, we are always stretching our limits to create new products and ways to enjoy them. Today, we proudly bring small, lovingly crafted batches of fresh ricotta into your kitchen.


When you share our products on your table, you are literally participating in a living history - one that began hundreds of years ago, and one that continues to evolve.

Our goal as food makers is to bring healthy, delicious food to your table.
We invite you to set sail on a journey of flavors with our local production and selection of imported products. You won’t regret it!
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