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Moliterno al Tartufo Burger

Ingredients for 4 people:

-13oz Moliterno al Tartufo

-4 Beef Patties

-4 Hamburger Buns

-7oz Mushrooms

-1lb Cherries Tomatoes

-1 Onion

-Evo oil

-Salt & Pepper

-Balsamic Vinegar

-Garden Cress


Over medium-low heat, gently sauté mushrooms and sliced onion in extra- virgin olive oil; Once tender and caramelized, add balsamic vinegar and allow the liquid to reduce.

Add cherry tomatoes and cook until skins just begin to split, season with sea salt and black pepper.


Grill burgers until desired doneness, topping each with shredded Moliterno al Tartufo in last minutes of cooking.

Assemble burgers, topping each with caramelized onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and garden cress.


Serve Hot.

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